Stecher Twins – The exceptional athletes from Bavaria


The Stecher Twins are the watersport inspired brothers Mario and Manuel. SUP Expeditions, SUP Whitewater, Wave riding on rivers and oceans and a huge amount of various sport activitys is showing the versatility of the Twins Mario & Manuel.

Who we are

The last three years have been three very successful for the Stecher Twins. If you are familiar with the SUP scene, you can´t miss the Twins. Whether in professional journals or on public television the twin brothers are seemingly omnipresent. But who are these sporting twins from Southern Germany?

Manuel & Mario Stecher born on 22.05.1983 in Kaufbeuren / Germany grew up as identical twin brothers of a sailing family. Almost in the age of a few weeks after their birth, they spent most of their time on the sailboat of her father on the Bavarian lakes and later in Croatia/Slovenia/Italy on the Adriatic Sea. The deep connection to the water was almost put into their cradle.

The expert in whitewater and in SUP Touring. He already won the title of the first German champion in the whitewater SUP in 2015. Also a variety of SUP Touring adventures and records go into his account.

The expert in riding Waves. If shortboard, longboard or SUP doesn´t matter. Only important, that the wave can be surfed. By the way, not only in the sea, Manuel´s speciality is river surfing.

Training Guide:
SUP & SURF Fitness

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Episode 2
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